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Ildiko Juhasz and Dr. Ken Alanen have developed this fabulous line and they use it every day in a very busy clinical dermatology practice. Revoderm Pharma was developed by Ildiko Juhasz and Dr. Ken Alanen - formally trained and highly experienced authentic skin experts. Most currently available skin care lines are not dermatologist developed – there is a conspicuous "disconnect" between the skin laboratory and the doctor’s office. Ildiko has spent fifteen years as a very busy laser dermatology nurse and has treated thousands of patients with the full range of cosmetic concerns. Dr. Alanen is a formally trained and board certified dermatologist, dermatopathologist and laboratory medicine physician. Why another skin care line? .

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Because no currently available cosmeceutical skin care line adequately addressed all of the skin concerns which are increasingly commonplace, namely premature skin aging, sun damage, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Revoderm Pharma is the direct result of formal training, experience and the direct feedback from many patients; the formulas have been "tweaked and retweaked" to find the desirable combination of efficacy and tolerability. This incredible skin care line is used everyday in their very busy dermatology practice, often as a "stand alone" approach or in combination with prescription medications and / or laser. We hope that you will find it to be as useful as we do. Discover more about our science.

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Illuminous™ Antioxidant Serum


Revoderm lluminous™ Antioxidant Serum is laden with ultra-potent antioxidant / anti-aging molecules, including reseveratrol, copper tripeptide, acetyl peptides, ascorbyl and retinyl palmitate. This has been engineered to reverse the visible signs of aging including skin thinning, irregular pigmentation and large pores.

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Dr. Alanen and Nurse Ildiko have a very large, busy acne population many who have been very successfully treated with topical agents alone. Acne is incredibly common. Although it is not "curable", it can be very effectively managed. Untreated, acne will often transform into permanent unsightly scars and this can be devastating. Dr. Alanen has struggled with acne through his teenage and early adult years; indeed it was a major reason why he ultimately became a dermatologist.

The ideal acne regimen slows down excessive oil and sebum production, dissolves and exfoliates clogs from acne-prone pores. The complete Revoderm Pharma acne line has been precisely engineered to achieve that exact therapeutic goal. Some patients with acne will require prescription medications, however.


Most people with acne will benefit from the following Revoderm Pharma topicals:

  • Cleanser – minimizes excessive oil and sebum but does not dessicate the skin
  • Toner – to neutralize the skin pH of the skin and help declog pores
  • Moisturizer – for skin non-irritating hydration the skin; non-comedogenic
  • A non-chemical exfoliant – gentle physical agents to help remove clogs
  • A non irritating benzoyl peroxide – to help dissolve clogs and kill acne bacteria (Proprionibacterium acnes)
  • Retinol – to helps minimize oil production and keep pores in an open state, thereby helping to prevent acne
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Dr. Alanen and Nurse Ildiko have a very large rosacea population. Ildiko has treated thousands of rosacea patients with vascular lasers over the last fifteen years. However, many rosacea patients can be managed on topicals alone. Rosacea is a very common and often emotionally disturbing disorder characterized by acne-type breakouts on a background of facial redness and excessive capillaries. Rosacea patients have very sensitive skin, almost without exception and the Revoderm Pharma cosmeceuticals have been specifically engineered with this point in mind. Also, these agents are specifically designed to complement laser and light-based rosacea therapies.


The topical regimens include the following:

  • ImmuvexTM zinc oxide based non-comedogenic inert mineral sunscreen
  • Code RedTM, a very gentle blood vessel constricting moisturizer
  • Detox cleanserTM which helps reduce bacterial overgrowth in rosacea-prone follicles
  • Intense Hydration Serum which helps restore epidermal barrier and provides antioxidant relief, thereby minimizing rosacea redness
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Dr Alanen and Nurse Ildiko see and treat hundreds of patients every week with premature aging of the skin, primarily due to excessive chronic exposure to ultraviolet light. The climate in Western Canada is especially harsh on the skin, owing to the cold winters, hot summers, very low humidity and high elevation. The Revoderm Pharma approach to anti-aging targets all aspects of accelerated aging of the skin, namely collagen loss, fragmentation of elastic fibres, epidermal thinning, irregular epidermal pigmentation, incomplete exfoliation and enlarged pore size.


For most individuals, the optimal anti-aging routine includes:

  • ImmuvexTM zinc oxide sunscreen – for near-complete UV blockade
  • Intense Hydration Serum – Natural hyaluronic acid based serum to address oxidative stress from in the skin from chronic low grade ultraviolet light exposure. This also helps to restore the epidermal barrier that is typically defective in rosacea skin
  • IlluminousTM Antioxidant Serum – fortified with resveratrol, a very potent natural antioxidant. Also contains peptide fragments which penetrate into the superficial dermis and stimulates production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Revoderm Retinol – helps slow down cell turnover within the epidermis and also reduces excessive oil production. In addition, topical retinol decreases production of excessive pigmentation within the Retinoids help reverse DNA damage incited by ultraviolet light and are therefore thought to help prevent skin cancer formation.
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Dr Alanen and Nurse Ildiko very commonly see patients with many types of irregular pigmentation, among the most common being sun-induced hyperpigmentation and melisma. Often, this important problem can be made worse with laser. The Revoderm hyperpigmentation regimen is highly effective for clearing and preventing sun-induced hyperpigmentation. The basic principles are blockade of offending ultraviolet light, gentle exfoliation of excessive melanin and safe bleaching.


The Revoderm hyperpigmentation regimen consists of:

  • ImmuvexTM Sunscreen. Formulated with high concentration of micronized, non-nano-zinc oxide. Critical to block out offending ultraviolet-A radiation that causes skin hyperpigmentation. This helps prevent recurrence of pigmentation.
  • Revoderm Retinol Night cream. For exfoliation of excessive epidermal melanin pigment IlluminousTM Antioxidant serum: Works as an adjunct with retinol to help with melanin elimination.
  • BrightenUpTM skin bleach cream. Contains 2% hydroquinone formulated in a trans-epidermal carrier system to help deliver active ingredients to the basal layer of the epidermis.
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Dr Alanen has a very busy skin cancer surgery practice (he performs many skin cancer and Mohs' surgeries every week). Every cancer excision creates a scar, but delicate surgical technique and Revoderm Scar Gel minimizes the appearance of surgical scars. This very popular scar gel can also be used on post-traumatic scars, keloid scars, burn scars, hypertrophic scars and thin acne scars. It is also an excellent, non-allergenic, non-irritating post-procedural barrier that helps promote wound healing.


Dramatic results for all types of new and old scars. Revoderm Scar Gel helps with the texture, minimizes appearance, colour and itchiness that is common with the healing and repair of scar tissue. Excellent results for the following scars:

  • Post Surgery Scars
  • Acne Scars
  • Post Laser Resurfacing
  • Laser 
  • Keloid Scars
  • Burns
  • Stretch Marks
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The Revoderm boutique is located in our certified non-hospital surgical facility, in Calgary, Canada on the beautiful Bow River. We offer a full range of Revoderm cosmeceuticals and treatments.

The Ultimate Skin Care Collection

Our skin care line contains over 25 products developed for various skin types and skin conditions (acne, accelerated aging of skin, irregular pigmentation, enlarged pores, rosacea, etc...). Revoderm product formulations are ever-evolving. The Revoderm team is continually cognizant of cutting edge medical literature and regularly attends meetings of the leading dermatology and anti-aging societies of the world. We are committed to be at the forefront of cosmeceutical innovation; it reflects our unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

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