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Zinc Oxide Lip Balm Organic Mineral Lip Sunscreen

Revoderm / 4.25 g
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Suitable for everyone.

Eclips is an organic, natural zinc sunscreen protection for your lips. This sunscreen helps protect from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Use ECLIPS™ as a barrier to reduce the risk of sunburn and lip cancer. This lip sunscreen is not for hydration, it strictly helps with the prevention of lip cancer and sunburn.For hydration, use our hydrating lip balm.


  • Dermatologist recommended and tested 
  • Broad spectrum SPF
  • Helps reduce the risk of sunburn and lip cancer
  • Prevents collagen breakdown
  • Preventing lip burn 
  • Cruelty free & Chemical free
  • Provide last long moisture 
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      How To Apply

      Apply ECLIPS on your lips liberally before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours or after food and drink.

      Tips & Suggestions

      Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized with Revoderm Hydrating Lip balm. Use Hydrating Lip Balm over top of your eclips sunscreen for moisture and hydration.


      Revoderm ECLIPS™ coral reef safe sunscreen Lip Balm, contains a blend of organic shea butter, organic vitamin E  and 5.5% zinc oxide for optimal UVA and UVB filtration. Unlike chemical sunscreen agents, zinc oxide is chemical free protection on your lips,for protection from the sun of the UVA/UVB, wind and cold. Perfect to use daily for any outdoorsy activities all year around.  

      The zinc oxide is mixed in natural soothing Certified Organic Shea butter,vitamins  and lanolin organic  beeswax which helps seal the lip balm to the epidermis and helps with moisture retention. It is recommended that the lip balm be applied every two hours.

      Active Ingredients

      5.5% Non-nano Zinc Oxide 

      Base  Ingredients

      Shea Butter, superfine Lanolin, Beeswax,  Vegetable Vitamin E, Non-GMO from sunflower seeds, Natural Flavour. Certified Organic