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Virtual Skin Consultations

Have your skin concerns reviewed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ken Alanen, who will create a formal evidence-based treatment plan for you, or receive a free product consultation.

Dermatology is a visual specialty. 

Practically all skin conditions can be diagnosed by their appearance alone. In fact, much of the training to become a dermatologist is devoted topattern recognition. This is how a dermatologist can identify subtle sun damage, find a potentially sinister mole hiding among many innocent ones, or recognize early skin cancers.

Following your consult, we will create a formal evidence-based treatment plan for you.

Your personal medical information is encrypted, safe and confidential. When necessary, prescriptions will be recommended as part of your therapeutic regimen; these can be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

What We Offer

There are two basic types of teledermatology: Store and Forward (i.e., send us your images directly) and a Live Online Consultation. Many clinical studies have shown that both types of e-consultation are of very high quality and are associated with very high patient satisfaction. These are convenient, safe and secure. All that you need is access to the internet.

Teledermatology Benefits

  1. Essentially immediate access to a sub-specialist; no more six month wait!
  2. Experience: Dr Alanen has treated well over 100,000 patients.
  3. No waiting for a referral—you don’t have to go to your general practitioner or family doctor.
  4. No waiting in the office—wherever you are, you are in the office, as long as you have your smartphone and internet access.
  5. You will be put onto an evidence-based skin care regimen.
  6. You can choose ANY pharmacy you want to use; the medication prescriptions are sent in directly  via secure e-fax.
  7. Dr. Alanen has a very busy doctor-to-doctor telemedicine service; this has been operational for 10 years. He is highly accustomed to performing telemedicine (over 10,000 patients have been treated through this service).

Store and Forward

Live Online Consult