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We are one of Canada's busiest acne clinics, having successfully treated over 10,000 patients. We treat all kinds of acne, including teenage acne, hormonal acne and adult acne. We offer the full spectrum of services including lsolaz laser, chemical peels, DermaSweep, InnoPen as well as individualized skin care and prescription regimens.

Acne Scars

We offer the full range of scar therapy- individualized for you depending on the type of scarring, your personal tolerance of downtime and budget. We have treated thousands of patients with this condition. The best outcomes from scar therapies - e.g., cortisone injections, subcision, laser therapy, platelet rich plasma - stems from how the many therapies are combined.


This is an unavoidable aspect of life. Our mantra is to age gracefully; we do not produce a "worked on" look as a matter of principle. Whether your ultimate result is achieved through injectables, minor surgery, laser, medical facials, platelet rich plasma, chemical peels or home anti-aging skin care regimens, you will love the New You and this will be evident from your own before and after pictures.

Anti-Redness Lasering

Facial redness (especially rosacea and acne-associated redness) is caused by overgrowth of blood vessels in the skin. This is exceedingly common and it can be surprisingly difficult to eradicate - because some blood vessels are tiny and some are large in calibre. No one single laser can treat all of these blood vessels. A combination of multiple different laser technologies produces the best outcomes.


otox diminishes the appearance of muscle wrinkles. This very popular treatment works by reducing excessive muscle contractions that cause persistent frown lines, crow's feet and other deep wrinkles that develop over time. A safe and highly effective procedure that boasts a 97% satisfaction rate, Botox treatments are quick and have no downtime.

Brown Spots

The spots on your skin tell a story: sunshine from many years ago. Once you are assured that they are not cancerous by our expert team we will help you dial back the clock with laser, platelet rich plasma, cryotherapy and your own optimized skin care regimen. We will help you preserve these benefits with the proper sunscreen and brightening agents.

Chemical Peel

Our medical grade chemical peel is a skin revitalizing treatment used to safely and effectively remove the outermost layer of damaged skin, resulting in an improved complexion and healthier looking skin. The chemical peel treatment has helped our patients renew and revitalize their skin resulting in healthier skin fresher, and a better looking you.

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are the therapy of choice for treating new painful acne bumps — you know, the ones that come from seemingly nowhere and don't ever make it to the surface. Squeezing these is a pointless exercise. The spots can turn into unsightly cysts, scars or both. If you need an urgent "spot shot," call us and we will get you in ASAP.


DermaSweep's ability to promote skin health ranges from gentle to more advanced, based on the patient's desires and skin health needs. Customized treatments are designed to address each individual's skin concerns, including skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, acne. Infusion treatment contains growth factors, brightening ingredients, antioxidants, chemical peel and soothing botanicals. After one session you can see the results.

Earlobe Repair

If you've had a piercing or expansion or tear that has gone awry, you don't need to live with it. Several delicate surgical repair options (all done under local anesthetic) in our non-hospital surgical facility can reverse these issues.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating and the odour that comes with it are optional. Eradication (or at least excellent control) of this stubborn problem is now possible. This is achieved through Botox or miraDry laser - the only FDA-approved laser for this problem. "No sweat" as the expression goes.

Eyelash Enhancement

We offer Latisse, the gold standard modality for eyelash regrowth. Enjoy thicker, darker and longer lashes. Contact us for more information.

Facial Redness + Broken Capillaries

If you are troubled by persistent redness, flushing, rosacea or broken capillaries, you are in the right place. We have extensive experience treating this common and often embarrassing condition. We will offer an individualized approach that typically combines a series of lasers with pharma­ceutical grade skin care.

Deep Wrinkle Treatment

When done for the right reason on the right patient, the results can be dramatic. Fractional laser "drills" perfectly spaced holes of computer-generated depth in a grid on the skin. This stimulates neo-collagenesis (new collagen growth), restoring volume and elasticity to the face. This is an ideal therapy for deep wrinkles, certain types of acne scars and age-related skin laxity. Fractional laser treatment can take away decades of aging away.

Hair Loss & Thinning

It starts with the diagnosis. The reasons to lose hair are myriad—see our expert dermatology team first. Sometimes you need medication. Sometimes it's a cortisone shot. Sometimes it's natural platelet rich plasma therapy or a regrowth serum and shampoo. Sometimes you don't need anything at all. We've done it all, many, many times. Talk to us.

Laser Hair Removal

The treatment targets hair follicles, heating them to the point of damage, and therefore less likely to regrow hair. utilizes technologies safe for all skin types. For many people, we use a system that delivers a specially tailored light source for permanent hair reduction. We also use a "pigment blind" system that is safe for patients with intrinsically darker skin who desire hair removal.

Laxity of Skin + Wrinkles

Everyone loses volume with time; the grape becomes the raisin. Reversing this process is achieved through your own plan of injectable filler, Botox and laser and non-surgical face lift. Not everyone needs everything — we will go over what is best for you.

Lumps, Bumps, Cysts

Cysts and lipomas form as "thickenings" under the surface of the skin. They are very common and most such bumps are biologically innocent. They can be removed by Dr. Alanen and staff, usually through a small incision under local anesthetic. Skin tags, seborrheic keratoses and overgrown oil glands are easily removed using noninvasive techniques. We always send tissue for testing to ensure that there is no skin cancer if there is ever a doubt.


So much of sun damage and aging occurs under the epidermis. lnnoPen is a breakthrough microneedling technology that helps revitalize the dermis. lnnoPen technology uses tiny sterile needles which create micro-channels in the skin surface. Then, we infuse peptides and rejuvenating serums through these channels into the underlying dermis to improve skin texture and tone. This revitalizes and volumizes the skin. Ultimately, this restores skin health and generates a more youthful look.

Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is the most trusted technology to help detect deadly melanoma skin cancer at its earliest, most curable stage. Your moles are photographed at six month intervals by a high-resolution camera. The images are analyzed by sophisticated computer algorithms and reviewed by Dr. Alanen. We typically combine mapping with facial sun damage analysis to grade the degree of sun damage that you may have incurred from sunshine many years ago. This analysis accurately guides our therapy recommendations.

Mole Removal

Dr. Alanen and his team have removed tens of thousands of moles over the years — nuisance, cosmetic and pre-cancerous. We will happily assess all of your skin and make a team decision about how to remove your spots of concern and give you the best possible cosmetic outcome.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelets are your body's richest source of growth factors ("liquid gold"). However, they circulate in the bloodstream and do not spontaneously go to the skin.With German technology, we are essentially functioning as the "medical mailman" — we deliver the platelets where we want them to go — be it into areas of hair loss on the scalp or into the face where wrinkles and collagen loss have occurred over the years. The clinic has a certified laboratory and Dr. Alanen is a certified laboratory medicine specialist (in addition to his dermatology designation).

Profound Non-Surgical Face Lift

A truly revolutionary non-surgcial face lift. Before Profound, there were very few options apart from the traditional invasive face lift. This novel, non-invasive treatment for jawline and neck contouring reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone. Naturally stimulates the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid - the building blocks that keep your skin smooth and toned. It is the only procedure that reliably "grows" elastic tissue. Your skin should "snap back" to where it used to be... There is minimal downtime with immediate results but the results continue to improve for up to one year. This is a game changer .


On occasion, acne scars are so deep that laser alone won't suffice. Subcision is a remarkable procedure that corrects the appearance of acne scars with minimal downtime. It is arguably the most effective acne scar procedure for deep scars, and it can be combined with laser therapy. A small needle with a cutting edge is inserted just under the skin surface by Dr. Alanen. Then, he releases the adhesions of the thick acne scar tissue. This treatment can be combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP). Come see our own before and afters. You will be impressed.

Tattoo Removal

What on earth was I thinking? Ink regret. It's increasingly common in this day and age. The best outcomes result from the laser and the provider. Here, you have access to cutting edge picosecond laser and the fabulous lldiko Juhasz. We will endeavour to give you a "clean slate."

Titan Laser Tightening

A revolutionary skin-tightening system that uses deep infrared heating to remodel deep dermal collagen. Treats sagging, loose skin of the lower face, jowls, cheek and neck. This can be combined with soft tissue fillers (e.g. Juvederm) and other procedures.

Voluminizing & Defined Jaw Line

Everyone loses volume with time; the grape becomes the raisin. Reversing this process is achieved through your own plan of injectable filler, Botox and laser and non-surgical face lift. Not everyone needs everything—we will go over what is best for you.

3D Personalized Laser Procedure

Many people need more than one laser procedure. But which combination is best for you? Rarely is it "just one thing" that someone needs to turn back the clock. Your best results come from how these laser procedures are combined. The combination of lasers used is designed to promote firmer, youthful skin without invasive measures or extended downtime. lldiko's twenty years of experience shines here; she has spent so much of her career designing the perfect and individualized treatments. Her results speak volumes. In the 3D approach, the entire thickness of the skin — epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue are all targeted and revitalized for a personalized result.

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